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Терминатор 2

Часть Первая

(от начала фильма и до погони грузовика за мопедом включительно)

Монолог Сары №1

“Three billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war “Judgment Day”. They lived only to face a new nightmare
the war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two Terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the human resistance. John Connor, my son.   The first Terminator was programmed to strike at me in the year 1984, before John was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at John himself when he was still a child.
As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for John. It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first”

Появление голенького Терминатора. Потасовка в баре

(Терминатор появляется, заходит в бар, подходит к главарю Байкеров)
Терминатор (главарю байкеров):
-I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle
Главарь байкеров:
-You forgot to say “please” (тушит сигару о Терминатора без видимого для последнего эффекта, Терминатор берет руку главаря на излом) Get him off me!
(Терминатор втыкает нож в плечо толстого байкера)
Толстый байкер:
-Pull it out! Pull it out!
Главарь байкеров (передавая Терминатору ключи от мотоцикла)
-Take it
(Терминатор садится на мотоцикл главаря байкеров. Бармен пытается его остановить)
Бармен (Терминатору):
t let you take the mans wheels, son. Now, get off before I put you down (наставляет на него дробовик) Thats it, goddamn it (Терминатор выхватывает у него дробовик и уезжает)

Появление Т 1000

Офицер Остин (по рации):
-R-31 David, Sherman Code 6 at the Sixth Street Bridge and Santa Fe on… electrical disturbance
Диспетчер по рации:
-Ten-four, R-31 David
(T 1000 убивает офицера Остина и «захватывает» его тело)

У Войтов

-John! John, get in there and clean up that pigsty of yours
Тим (Джону):
-Your foster parents are kind of dicks, huh?
Джанелль (Тодду):
-I swear, I have had it with that goddamn kid. He won
t even answer me anymore
-Honey, move
-Would you get of your butt and help me? Todd!
-What? What?
-He hasn
t clean that room of his in a month!
-Or, it
s an emergency. Hang on. Ill get right on it
Джон (Тиму):
-Come on
Тодд (Джону):
-John! Come on, get your ass inside. Do what your mother tells you
-She is not my mother, Todd

В «Пискадеро»

Доктор Силберман:
-This next patient is interesting. I
ve been following the case for years. A 29-year-old female diagnosed as acute schizo-affective disorder. The usual indicators: depression, anxiety, violent acting-out, delusions of persecution.
The delusional architecture is fairly unique. She believes that a machine called the Terminator, which looks human of cause, was sent back through time to kill her
s original
-And also that the father of her child was a soldier sent back to protect her
-He was from the future too. The year 2029, if I remember correctly. And here we are. Morning, Sara
-Good morning, Dr. Silberman. How
s the knee?
-Fine, Sara (стажерам) She stabbed me it the kneecap with my pen a few weeks ago. Repeated escape attempts… Let
s move on, shall we? (санитару Дугласу) Douglas, I dont like to see the patients disrupting their rooms like this. See if she takes her Thorazine
-Sure, Dr. Silberman. I
ll take care of it
(Санитары заходят в палату Сары)
s time to take your meds, Connor
-You take it
-Now you know you gotta be good. You
re up for review this afternoon
m not taking it, Dougie. I dont want any trouble
t no trouble (бьет Сару дубинкой, своему черному коллеге). Zap her (Саре)
Last call, sugar  (насильно кормит ее торазином). Sweat dreams

Т 1000 у Войтов

T 1000
-Are you the legal guardian of John Connor?
s right, Officer. What has he done now?
-Could I speak with him, please?
-You could if you were here. He took off on his bike this morning, so he can be anywhere
-Do you have a photograph of John?
-Yeah, sure. Hold on
-Are you gonna tell me what this is about
T 1000:
-I just need to ask him a few questions (смотрит на фотографию Джона) He
s a good-looking boy. Do you mind if I keep this picture?
-No, go on. There was the guy here this morning looking for him too
-Yeah, a big guy on a bike. Has that got something to do with this?
T 1000:
-No, I wouldn
t worry about him. Thanks for your cooperation

Джон и Тим «оприходуют» банкомат

Джон (сам себе):
-Please insert your stolen card now. PIN number
-Hurry up. This is taking to long
Джон (банкомату):
-Go, baby, go, baby, go, baby. All right. PIN number 9003
-Where did you learn this stuff from, anyway?
-From my mom. My real mom, I mean (сам себе) Withdraw three zero zero bucks (банкомату) Come on, baby. Come on. Come on! Yeas! (банкомат «выплевывает» триста баксов)
-Hey, it worked
-All right (Тиму) Easy money. Come on! Yes! Piece of cake!
Тим (держа в руках фотографию Сары
ту самую, из Первой части):
-Is that her?
-She is pretty cool, huh?
-No, she is a complete psycho. That is why she is at the Pescadero. It
s a mental institute, ok? She tried to blow up a computer factory, but she got shot and arrested
-No shit
-She is a total loser.  
Come on, let
s go spend some money
-All right

Видение Сары

-Sara. Sara, wake up
-Kyle. You are dead
-Where is our son, Sara?
-They took him away from me
-He is the target now
-I know
-He is all alone. You have to protect him
-I know. You tell me how I
m supposed to do that? He doesnt even believe anymore. Ive lost him
-You are strong, Sara. Stronger than you ever thought you could be
-On your feet, soldier! I love you, Sara. I always will
-I need you
ll always be with you. Remember the message. The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves
-Stay with me
-There is not much time left in the world, Sara (уходит)
-Kyle, don
t go! Kyle! (бежит за Кайлом и порсыпается)

На допросе у доктора Силбермана

Сара (на записи):
s like a giant strobe light burning right to my eyes. Somehow I can still see. Oh, God. We know the dream is the same every night. Why do I have to…
Силберман (также на записи):
-Please, continue
-Children look like burnt paper. Black. Not moving. And then the blast wave hits them.  And they fly apart like leaves
-Dreams of cataclysm, the end of the world are very common
s not a dream, you moron. Its real. I know the day it happens
m sure its feels very real to you
(Сара «срывается с катушек»)
-On August 29, 1997 it
s gonna feel pretty fucking real to you too! Anybody not wearing two-million sunblock is gonna have a real bad day. Get it? God, you think you are safe and alive. You are already dead. Everybody! Him. You. You are dead already! This all place, everything you see is gone! You are the one living in a fucking dream, Silberman, cause I know it happens! It happens! (Силберман выключает запись)
-I feel much better now. Clearer
-Yes, your attitude has been much improved lately
-It is helped to me to have a goal. Something to look forward to
-What is that?
-Well, you said that if I showed improvement after six months you would transfer me to the minimum security wing and I could have visitors. Well, it has been six months, and I was looking forward to seeing my son
-I see. Let
s go back to what you were saying about those Terminator machines. Now you think they dont exist
-They don
t exist. I know that now.
-But you
ve told me on many occasions about how you crushed one in a hydraulic press
-Well, if I had, there would have been some evidence. They would have found something at the factory
-I see
-So you don
t believe anymore that the company covered it up
-No. Why would they?

В здании «Кибердайна»

Работник «Кибердайна»:
s try a new position right there…
«Русский шпион» (кстати, кто знает, почему я так окрестил этого работника «Кибердайна»?):
-Mr. Dyson! Mr. Dyson! The materials team is running another… Mr. Dyson
-The materials team is running another series this afternoon. You have to sign for the… it. You have to sign it out
-Okay. Come on. I
ll get it
-Listen, Mr. Dyson. I know I haven
t been here that long, but I was wondering if you could tell me… I mean if you know…
-Know what?
-Well, if you know where “it” came from
-You know, I asked them that very same question once, and you know what they told me? Don
t ask
(«Русский шпион» уходит, Дайсон подходит к хранилищу)
Охранник хранилища:
-Good morning, Mr. Dyson
-How is it going?
-Insert key. Left on three, two, one, turn. How are the wife and kids?
-Great. Thanks
-Here we go (открывает дверь хранилища)

Снова на допросе у Силбермана

-So, what do you think, Doctor? I have shown improvement, haven
t I?
Силберман (предусмотрительно пряча ручку в карман):
-Well, Sara, here is the problem. I know how smart you are. And I think you are just telling me what I want to hear. I don
t think you really believe what you are telling me today. I think if I put you in a minimum security, youll just try to escape again
-You have to let me see my son. Please. Please. He is in great danger. He is naked without me. If I could just make a phone call…
m afraid not. Not for a while. I dont see any choice but to recommend to the review board that you stay here for another six months
(Сара бросается на Силбермана)
ll kill you, you son of a bitch!
(Санитары пытаются угомонить Сару)
-You son of a bitch!
Силберман (санитарам):
-Ten CCs of sodium amobarbital, stat!
-You don
t know what you are doing!
-Get some restraints in here now!
-You don
t know what you are doing!
Силберман (в камеру):
-Model citizen

Т 1000 и две девчушки на улице

-You just missed him. He was here like 15 minutes ago.
I think he said he was going to the galleria, right?
Вторая девочка:
T 1000:
-The galleria?

В галерее. Погоня

m gonna get some quarters. Ill be back, all right?

Девочка у игрового автомата:
-Oh, no!
T 1000:
-Girls, do you know John Connor?
-Hey, do you know this guy?
-Nah, I don
t know him. (подбегает к Джону) John
-Not now. Not now
-Hey. There
s a cop scoping for you. Check it out
(вдалеке парень в очках, обращаясь к Т 1000)
s right over there
Тим (Джону):
-Split, man. Just go
-Yeah (Джон убегает в «подсобные помещения». Т 1000 начинает преследование Джона)
Тим (обращаясь к Т 1000):
-… I think I saw that kid you were looking… (Т 1000 отталкивает его в сторону) Hey!
Клерк-азиат-«танцор»-любитель кофе (Джону):
-Hey, you are not supposed to be in here!.... Hey, hey!
(Джон замечает Терминатора, пытается убежать, но безуспешно, сзади уже напирает Т 1000, Терминатор берет Т 1000 «на мушку»)
Терминатор (Джону):
-Get down (стреляет в Т 1000, Джон убегает, Терминатор и Т 1000 начинают «мордобой», Т 1000 выкидывает Терминатора из окна, продолжает преследование Джона, Джон садится на мопед)
Джон (пытаясь завести мопед):
-Come on! Come on! (мопед заводится, Джон срывается с места, Т 1000 бежит следом)
Водитель грузовика (реагируя на то, что Джон его подрезал):
-Shit! Goddamn!
(Т 1000 выбрасывает водителя из грузовика и садится на его место. Погоня продолжается и заканчивается взрывом грузовика вместе с Т 1000.. Терминатор спасает Джона)

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